Quick Screening for Early Dementia Detection


Quick Screening for Early Dementia Detection

The Mini-Cog© is a fast and simple screening test to help detect dementia in its early stages.

In just 3 minutes, Mini-Cog© can help doctors and other professional care providers identify possible cognitive impairment in older patients. 

This gives people who are starting to show signs of cognitive impairment a better chance for early diagnosis and care.  This could make a big difference in their health and quality of life now and later on. 

Mini-Cog© is simple to use and can help determine when more in-depth cognitive evaluation is needed.

It’s easy to include in regular wellness exams, primary care visits, other health care settings, and anywhere older adults go to find needed services, such as senior centers and community organizations. 

Learning to give the Mini-Cog© takes less than 10 minutes—no special medical knowledge needed. 

For doctors and other health care professionals

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Why Mini-Cog©?

Find out how this simple tool can help you and your older patients.

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How to Use It

Get tips on when to give the test, along with step-by-step instructions.

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Get the Test

Print and save the Mini-Cog© 3-word recall and clock drawing test.



Worried about yourself or a loved one?

Changes in memory, thinking, judgment and other cognitive abilities should be taken seriously. Seek the guidance of a qualified health care provider.
Mini-Cog© may help identify the need for detailed assessment. It is intended for use by trained care professionals.
Share this information with your doctor and explore other resources for individuals and families.