Easy Training for Staff at All Levels

Mini-Cog© can be used effectively after brief training in both health care and community settings. Training typically takes less than 10 minutes.

Because it doesn’t require specialized medical knowledge to administer, Mini-Cog© can be particularly useful in assessing people unlikely to seek evaluation by memory care specialists. At the same time, it can help identify individuals who might be candidates for specialized evaluation in the future.

The test can be given in a few minutes by nurses, social workers, care managers and other senior service providers, as well as physicians.

Although in-depth medical knowledge is not needed to give the test, an understanding of assessment methods and outcomes is important―as is true with all clinical tests and procedures. Mini-Cog© was developed for use by care professionals. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, share this information with your doctor and explore other resources for individuals and families.

Learn more about the test:

Step-by-Step Mini-Cog© Instructions