More than 8 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, yet detection is often delayed and many cases go undiagnosed.

The fast and simple Mini-Cog© test can help detect early stages of cognitive impairment, so people can seek help before a crisis hits. 

Maybe a driver becomes disoriented and gets into an accident. 

Perhaps a homeowner fails to pay her bills and the heat is turned off. 

Or else someone simply forgets to eat regular meals or take important medication.

All these crises can result in injury, illness and hospitalization with the potential of long-term harm to health and overall well-being. And all these risks can result from dementia.

Proactive testing can give people who are beginning to show signs of dementia a better shot at early diagnosis and care. This can make a big difference in their health, safety and quality of life as they get older. 

In just 3 minutes, Mini-Cog© can help doctors and other professional care providers identify possible cognitive impairment in older people. The test’s results help determine when it might be time for more in-depth testing.

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Early and Quick Dementia Detection
Simple Test, Accurate Results
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